Building Bridges

Benefit from our networks and experiences

In Mergers & Acquisitions and investment advisory we act on a truly international scale. We build bridges between financial/corporate investors and mid-sized/family-owned sellers or investment seekers. Based on our own history as founders, owners of family business, entrepreneurs, corporate managers and investors and from our experience in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions we are able to manage the entire process and coordinate between different parties, interests, sizes and cultures. We have a strong network with frequent buyers in selected industries and more than 30 VC Funds, Private Equity companies, family offices and individual investors with different investment preferences and criteria.

We are no tax consultants or lawyers but we are dealmakers. We are used to work closely and professionally together with the investor and their representatives. Based on our own transaction experience we march with the flag of our client and facilitate the communication between all involved internal and external parties, even and in particular during difficult times of the negotiation and closing process. And we always say: “a deal is only a real success if all parties would do it again”.

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