Showing by Example

Bridging the gap between management books and real business

Successful businesses today are those that transform into learning organizations. Wide experience with this transformation acquired through years of research at the Harvard Business School and other eminent institutions and fieldwork tells us that (1) data is cheap, information expensive, and knowledge precious, and (2) optimizing existing processes and initiatives is often “low hanging fruit” as compared to making new investments and capital expenditures. The mechanisms we employ to actualize these guiding principles for executives and top managers are executive education, advisory board participation, and management coaching.

Our approach to business improvement emphasizes maximizing the productivity of existing assets by optimizing business processes and implementing strategic initiatives over making additional major business investments and further large capital expenditures.

Executive education

Our executive education offerings benefit from extensive classroom teaching experience and immersion in the case study method popularized by Harvard Business School. Instruction is premised on real-world experiences of companies and projects with which we’ve been personally involved, and the focus is always on connecting theory with reality in the context of the organizations represented by the participants.

Advisory Board Function

We bring to company advisory boards and boards of directors on which we serve broad experience with companies the world over in industries that produce and deliver innumerable goods and services. We have observed and studied their management formulas and business processes, and know which work best.

“With captial for the most partable to flow freely, production capacity readily available, and technology and technological know-how readily transferable, what increasingly sets firms apart are knowledge and expertise, intellectual as opposed to physical assests.”

—Late Prof. Jai Jaikumar, Harvard Business School

Management coaching

Management coaching is offered through seminars and workshops conducted worldwide, some at international business schools, as well as in boardrooms and executive suites and in the field. We institutionalize change and build capabilities into client organizations by providing training in the proprietary problem solving frameworks and techniques we use.