The Wider Circle

Advisors and Domain Experts

Manas Fuloria

Manas Fuloria is a co-founder of MNI Partners, LLC and an expert in the area of technology and operations management. He is also an entrepreneur, with a wide-ranging experience across the IT, education, retail, textiles, apparel and footwear industries. In the last two decades, his wide international experience has made him an expert in Mergers & Acquisitions and fund raising in Technology and IT sector. His entrepreneurial ventures include companies in the space of supply chain optimization, IT Services and a chain of business education schools. He serves on the board of a number of companies and advises several other startups. He is also an invited speaker on supply chain management at universities and forums around the world. Manas holds a PhD in supply chain management for short-lifecycle products from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D). He also holds a master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University and a bachelor&srquo;s degree in Manufacturing Science & Engineering from IIT-D. He has worked as a Research Associate with the Technology and Operations Management group at Harvard Business School and has been a recipient of a fellowship from the Stanford Institute of Manufacturing and Automation, the RKM Award for Leadership and Director’s Silver Medal at IIT-D, as well as the Indian National Talent Search Scholarship.

V.V. Srinivasan

V. V. Srinivasan is an expert in the Semiconductor Technology Industry. He has industry wide expertise in the design, fabrication, and packaging of semiconductor products. He is the President/CEO of Manufacturing Networks, Inc., a Silicon Valley based company that specializes in the coordination and outsourcing of the fabrication of semiconductor-varied products. An entrepreneur at heart, he has founded many start-ups in the space of graphics software in multi media market, inventory management systems, distribution of hospital related products and roofing products and outsourcing foundry operations. Mr. Srinivasan has a background in engineering developed in India and nurtured in Texas. He runs his several businesses from his Silicon Valley office.

Chris J.Stern

Dr. Chris Stern is an internationally experienced consultant, teacher, author and lecturer. While being a faculty member and associate partner of the St. Galler Business School, he simultaneously took over the position of CEO of a major urban and private development company in Germany for restructuring. Recently, he restructured a biomedical research company and listed it on NASDAQ. Mr. Stern is principal of the Institute for Efficient Management and has developed the process of market-oriented strategy, also topic of his evolutionary web book on Chris is also Chairman of Chest Holding, a boutique private equity with engagements in payment processing and aviation. He holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Business Administration in Zurich and a doctorate in business administration from Trinity College and University and is a commercial pilot.

Gerd Kiefer

Gerd Kiefer is an proven financial and banking expert. Mr. Kiefer was member of the board and CEO of several Savings Banks in Germany. He furthermore served as a delegate for the state of Saarland to the umpire committee of the “Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband” (German Savings Bank Association, DSGV), the umbrella organization of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and its more than 400 savings banks and public insurance companies in Germany. Today Mr. Kiefer runs a private network of business angels and is active as investor, in particular in renewable energy ventures.

Rachid Ait Maamar

Rachid Ait Maamar has been an International senior manager with 22 years of experience in base metals industry operating at general manager level for the last 6 years. Mr. Ait Maamar has a strong technical background and used to operate in complex environments. With a proven leadership track record, he has managed multi-disciplinary teams across 3 continents and 8 locations. Mr. Ait Maamar leadership style that allows to unlock people's full potential by creating a collaborative environment where relationship and trust are key enabling the right level of challenges. He is driven by value creation using leadership, technical knowledge, creativity, energy and passion.

Anja Walter

Anja Walter is an expert for Post Merger Integration, international project management, intercultural awareness and international leadership.  She worked as a consultant for Cap Gemini and Ernst & Young in Switzerland and Germany in the areas of Strategic Tax Planning, Process Redesign and national and international Software Roll-Outs. Since 2001 she is an independent Project Manager, Consultant, Coach and founder of initii Unternehmensberatung. Anja Walter studied Grammar School Teaching, Business Administration and Information Sciences at Freiburg University, Germany.