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Magnus Lutz

Saugus, Massachusetts, USA

Magnus Lutz, Saugus, Massachusetts, USA

Magnus Lutz is a co-founder of MNI Partners, LLC and one of the few true experts in the Textile, Hygiene and Rental Service Industry. With more than two decades of experience in Corporate Business Development, Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and Post Merger Integration and as an entrepreneur, he has a deep understanding of the market trends & dynamics in the industry’s worldwide value chain. As a corporate manager and as a principal advisor/coach to many leading international companies he has conceived and developed outperforming business models in growth, product & service strategies. Over the years, he has executed business strategies in over 40 countries and closed more than 70 M&A transactions. He is also a frequent speaker and conducts workshops at business schools, corporations and industry associations in Europe, Americas and Asia. Magnus has a degree “Master of Textile Services” from the HWK Frankfurt/M, Germany and an executive education degree in International Management from St. Galler Business School, Switzerland.

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