Building Bridges

Improving the deal pipeline in fragmented, intransparent or new markets

Transaction Escort

Reliable facts and figures about non-listed companies are nearly impossible to research from an outside perspective—this holds in particular for small and mid-sized candidates in fragmented markets. Even once a candidate has agreed to enter the transaction process and to provide a defined set of first data and information it is often difficult for the investors to keep an overview what is available and what is required by when. We as MNIP bring in our experience, facilitate and monitor the process and help all involved parties to structure and control the information flow from the first exchange of basic data until he preparation of the final Due Diligence.

MNIP escorts and facilitate the official meetings between the investor and the candidate. Dependent on our clients requests, needs and preferences we also coordinate and escort internal teams and external parties during Due Diligence. During final negotiations we often take a diplomatic role in situations when the protagonists get stuck in their bargaining positions. However, to avoid such potential conflict situations on beforehand, we can even pre-negotiate feasible deal conditions in the investor’s name and interest.