Building Bridges

Finding the right corporate or finanicial investor for your company


In many cases the owners of a business do not have the capacity, knowledge or experience to find the right investor. We help small to medium sized companies to be prepared and structured for a potential sale of the company or parts of the equity. To avoid that too many and the wrong people such as competitors or clients will get notice of a potential future change in the shareholder or capital structure of the company we typically pre-qualify potential investors fully synchronized with the company’s interests, strategy and company culture. Here our clients also benefit from our longstanding experience and large network of corporate buyers, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity funds and family offices—if appropriate on a national or international level.

In a most confidential approach we thereafter talk personally with the potential buyers or investors to find out if there is a serious interest and the necessary financial power for such a deal. If the first interests comply on both sides and typically after a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) has been signed by the Investor, we provide further authorized data and information about the company.