Growth Management

Finding the Tipping Point

We help companies determine where improvement dollars are optimally invested to create the highest profitability or competitive advantage. And we help them plan for the future by choosing the most suitable path for growth.

We have learned from association with companies of all shapes and sizes, and in various industries, what is likely to work and what is likely to fail. We can tease from a company’s inter-related processes what drives value and help delineate a value development strategy that makes sense for its market, its management, and its shareholders. A company needs to know where it is today in order to map a route to where it wants to be tomorrow, or next month, or next year. We’ve helped map the routes by which many companies have reached their chosen destinations, and we make it part of our business to be current on roadblocks, detours, and shortcuts.

Finally, as in all of our associations with client companies, our interest is long term. Our expertise and resources will be on tap to our clients whenever they’re needed, in whatever combination and configuration suits the requirements of the moment.

“Success today hinges on a firm’s understanding of market needs and its capacity to learn and innovate.”

—Rajiv Srinath, MNI Partners LLC

The seven strategic and operations dimensions of excellence.

The seven strategic and operations dimensions of excellence.

Our Approach to Growth Enablement—Analysis, Improvement & Development in 7 dimensions of excellence.

Our approach to Growth Management